Hi, I'm Josh.

And I have a snowboarding problem.

It's led to countless meals spent crouching over muddy campstoves trying to make something worth eating and scheming of a better way.

What began as laughable experiments with plywood and wishful thinking has grown into CHEFRACK. It's my joy to share these journal entries from along the way.

  • First attempt at hitch mounted camp kitchen


    I devised a hanging sheet metal table from things found at the dump.

  • Overland camping to test first attempt at hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Profoundly sketchy yet suprisingly helpful. Top is too slippery and the stove keeps sliding off.

  • 2nd attempt at hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Experiment with a frame on a cargo rack to integrate a cooler, stove, and storage under a big worktop.

  • Painted my hitch mounted camp kitchen red


    Painted it red and declared victory. So far I have left off body panels, hope I don't come to regret it.

  • Hitch mounted camp kitchen got covered in snow


    I hugely regret it. Storm over Wolf Creek Pass absolutely trounced the little guy. Gotta rethink this.

  • Next iteration of the hitch mounted tailgate adventure car kitchen


    I swapped out the wood elements for metal and HDPE in an attempt to make it passibly waterproof.

  • Learning to weld to develop hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Cargo rack base is clearly sub-optimal. Looks like I'm gonna have to learn how to weld.

  • New frame for hitch mounted camp kitchen


    With a custom fabricated hitch I can now use T-slot aluminum for the frame, which allows for body panels!

  • Overland camping to test hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Took the newest prototype to Fruita, CO for a weekend of testing. I really like having a big cooler always at the ready.

  • testing the hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Weekend in Steamboat, CO reveals cooler drawer is going to be a problem. Track gets dirty and then the wheels grind.

  • Sunset dinner on hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Despite my fretting about the design, we had a grand old time. Imperfect as it is, I love having the party on my hitch.

  • A design breakthrough on hitch mounted camp kitchen


    A new idea struck me in the middle of the night. What if the tops flipped out to reveal the countertops beneath?

  • Newest iteration of hitch mounted camp kitchen


    A breakthrough! We rushed off to Canyonlands National Park to try it out!

  • CNC routing of a buck for the hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Learning how to CNC mill so that I can thermoform a utensil tray and stove rack out of a single, continuous plastic piece.

  • Thermoformed utensil tray for the hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Et voila! Now the stove sits securely and the propane can remain hooked up! Also easy to clean which is awesome.

  • New bamboo tops on the hitch mounted camp kitchen


    Experimenting with new bamboo countertop material to save weight and for more durable cutting surface.

  • Lunch on the Chefrack hitch mounted camp kitchen.


    Testing shows the bamboo tops are prime, but I need to optimize for overall weight. Light is king.

  • CNC machined panels in the Chefrack hitch mounted camp kitchen. Chef Rack.


    Reimaginging the tops as stainless steel pans with a substrate web. It's stronger, lighter, and more durable.

  • Ultra lite aluminum composite panels in the Chefrack hitch mounted camp kitchen. Chef Rack.


    If I used aircraft aluminum panels, it would be super light, but where the hell could I find those?

  • Panels for the Chefrack hitch mounted camp kitchen. Chef Rack.


    Ladies and gentlemen, we got em.

  • Chefrack 5.0 hitch mounted tailgate camp kitchen


    Just completed version 5.0 and feeling pretty stoked. It's 35 lbs. lighter and, frankly, pretty sexy.

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